Why we do what we do...

Everyone has potential, and we believe this is equally distributed.

Women in particular have two sets of constraints in this region  - time and transport.  The traditional workforce provides for neither.  Remote flexible work solves for both.

We are building a tech platform that connects people to remote work through a highly scalable virtual agency model.  Pakistan, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai, Oman, Qatar all have something in common - more women than men are graduating from universities yet female labor force participation is lower than 25%. So there is a large population of educated women not participating in the economy formally, and our theory is that if we connect this pool of talent to remote flexible work, we can change these numbers, as well as build a great company powered by untapped talent. 

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katharine wolf
Announcement to our future clients

Friends, Colleagues, 1st degrees:

We’ve assembled a team of talented data analysts from the Middle East and South Asia and we are looking for a few beta clients to test our skills. We can offer preferential pricing in exchange for feedback on how good we are.

Do you need lead lists organized, large excel files cleaned/formatted, data extracted from image/pdf to excel or data annotated? Try us!

All you would do is email us the tasks (excels/PDFs) and we will come back with pricing and delivery time. All data will be stored and encrypted on google cloud. I’ll be managing this project myself so you will get to work with me as your Account Manager. All quality guaranteed, if you don’t like it, we will either fix it, or you won’t pay.

DM if you are interested for either this beta, or for down the line when our data sophistication improves and/or we extend into other offerings (lots in the pipes).

Reply directly,

Katharine and Odetta Team

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katharine wolf
Announcement to our talent community

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since we connected in 2017; and in fact for many of you since we met in Islamabad last July. 

Since then, we have been hard at work, speaking to all of you and finding clients to get this company started so you can work flexibly and remotely. We also were able to quit our day jobs and move across the world too, and now we are finally ready to announce Odetta.

We have two pilots that we are starting and recruiting for immediately.  We need your help to share with your networks to help more women learn about this opportunity!

We hope you will join our facebook page to learn more about upcoming updates, including a new group being formed around women & remote work.

We hope to be in touch with each of you very soon.


Katharine and the Odetta Team

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