Why we do what we do...

Everyone has potential, and I believe this is not pre-determined. 

I always smile when I hear people say "we only hire the top 1%". What I believe is that they are recruiting from a very small pond. What if we were to enlarge that pond to include the talent pool that has been most untapped - women in countries where due to mobility and other customs - while they are more educated than male counterparts, they are not part of the formal labor force. 

Women in particular have two sets of constraints  - time and transport. Our traditional workforce provides neither. Remote flexible work solves both of these.

We are building a tech platform that connects women to remote work.  Pakistan, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai, Oman, Qatar all have something in common - more women than men are graduating from universities yet female labor participation is lower than 25%. So there is a large population of educated women not participating, and our theory is that if we connect this pool of talent to remote flexible work, we can change these numbers, as well as build a great company powered by undertapped talent. 

katharine wolf