AI and Future Predictions


These days people are constantly talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Some people claim that humans will be replaced by robots, but what is AI?

According to Minsky and McCarthy, AI “Artificial Intelligence” is any task performed without guidance by a program or a machine. If a human had carried out the same activity, they would have needed to apply intelligence in order to accomplish the task.

A survey of more than 1,000 U.S. business executives from a variety of  companies showed that 20% of these executives said their organizations plan to implement AI enterprise-wide in 2019.

So, will AI witness a revolution in 2019? What do people predict?

A prediction is a statement about what will happen in the future, often but not always, based on experience or knowledge. It is predicted that AI will continue to grow as a key technology in 2019. AI will likely become one of the most important/prominent technologies in 2019 because it has the potential to have a significant and positive impact on numerous industries.

Here are some predictions scientists have made for the future of AI in 2019

  • AI will create more jobs than it eliminates


AI is often criticized for eliminating job opportunities for humans, however, it is predicted that entirely new roles for humans are emerging. A workforce is needed to support the implementation of AI and oversee its application. This will generate more job opportunities than eliminations due to new technology.

  • AI will help businesses solving AI talent shortages

With technology becoming a part of every aspect of life, it is becoming very hard for companies to find and develop talent that can lead large-scale enterprise AI efforts. That’s why it is predicted that the organizations will use AI and machine learning to help in addressing the talent gap in 2019. For example; Amazon Personalize is a machine learning service that helps developers to build very sophisticated systems that can be used and implemented as AI solutions by companies.

  • AI will impact the political landscape globally

Image Courtesy:  Franck V.

Image Courtesy: Franck V.

It is predicted that AI will impact relationships between different international superpowers investing in the technology, for example, the U.S. and China. The need for more conversations around the ethical use of AI will rise and will strongly affect political relationships.

  • Companies will move their AI models into production

Most of the leading companies are already in the process of initiating procedures to move their AI models into production. They will run operations to enhance decision-making and provide forward-looking intelligence to people in every function in life. This will transform nearly everything about these companies’ businesses and even the markets. With AI, the companies will be able to make modifications in other departments like customer service, marketing, tax and supply chain management which will help not only the companies but will also help consumers by making things easier and faster.

Let’s keep an eye on how AI will shape our future and change our lives!

Tayyaba Qamar