Top Skills for 2019-20


Whether you are a job seeker or a self-employed, in this rapidly changing world, to stay in the game you need to maintain an up-to-date skillset Nevertheless, the top skills in demand are constantly changing and it’s not easy to keep track and re-train yourself accordingly.


A couple of years ago, only a handful of people were familiar with the concept of Big Data, today it is ruling the tech world! A general mindset is prevailing that skill training is worth more than a college degree to get one in the game. Let’s look at the top skills necessary to get hired this year. Hadoop is a Java-based framework that offering solutions to the problems of Big Data. Hadoop professionals can work as Hadoop Architects, Hadoop Developers, Data Scientists or Hadoop Administrators.  Top companies like Dell, Yahoo, IBM, Microsoft, Google, eBay, and Oracle are counting on Hadoop. So if you are looking for a nice paying job with a promising future with some multinational companies, Hadoop is your answer.

The prerequisites for Hadoop:

  • Basic understanding of  Linux is a must.

  • Understanding other programmings like Scala, Python, R.

Cloud Computing

In recent years, Cloud computing has become increasingly popular within IT. It has made Data storage, management and security very convenient as well as helping businesses save money. Cloud computing is a more recent technology,  with a high demand for competent professionals.

The prerequisites for Cloud Computing:

  • Basic concept of operating systems like Linux and Windows, general understanding of Distributed Computing and Virtualization Technologies.

  • Master this skill there are a lot of additional important skills necessary. For instance, proficient programming certified courses to strengthen the resume and a lot of practical experience.

Artificial Intelligence Development

AI along with machine learning is leading the market today. AI offers full time as well as remote jobs, making it an attractive profession. According to a Gartner, AI is expected to create 2.3 million jobs by 2020, however, getting it is difficult to get into this field.

The prerequisites for AI:

  • Proficient in Algorithm and Applied Mathematics

  • Detailed understanding of Probability and Statistics

  • Expertise in programming languages like C++, Python, R., and Java

  • Efficient Distributed Computing

  • Master Unix tool

Block-chain Development

Demand for Blockchain developers has skyrocketed over the past year making it the fastest-growing skill today. If anyone wants to learn a new skill, now is the time to opt for Blockchain programming with a promising future!

The prerequisites for Blockchain Development:

Before getting acquainted with Blockchain technology, there are several prerequisites to be fulfilled

  • The developer should be well versed with cryptocurrency.   

  • Proficiency in Programming languages like Python, JavaScript, C++, and Solidity

  • Basic understanding of Distributed Computing for peer to peer networking in Blockchain.

  • Understanding about decentralization and the digital economy.

Photography and photo editing

Photography and photo editing have been a booming industry for freelancers lately. There are numerous career options for photographers and photo editors, such as news, sports, commercial, scientific and fashion photography and editing respectively. One can choose to be a freelance photographer and editor, or join an existing company as an employee.

The prerequisites of photography include a good quality camera and other photography equipment, lots of imagination and creativity and of course tons of practice. So if you are a non-tech person, this field might be quite interesting for you. Photographers might need to travel to different places too for work which is a plus in this profession!

Photo editing is more than Photoshop. Experience with the right software is critical. Photo editing has broader horizons, including clipping services, photo advancement and manipulation, and image correction paint. It’s more of a managerial job than opposed to being a photographer in a darkroom. The requirements for a photo editor include business skills, management skills, artistic instincts, and creativity. Photographers often rise to the position of photo editors within the teams they work for.

Apart from these skills, there are many others and many new paths to choose from. Nevertheless, whatever skills a person chooses to opt for, time management, remaining up to date, practice and being keen to learn something new, are some of the skills that are the foundation for developing additional skills. Therefore remain up to date, keep exploring and broadening your horizons and remember THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!

Tayyaba Qamar