Frequently asked questions

  1. What is your selection criteria?

    We look for the following in an individual:

    • English fluency

    • Bachelors Degree (Masters/PhD is a plus)

    • Residing in Middle East or South Asia

    • Minimum 25 hours / week availability

    • Computer & Internet access

    • High attention to detail

    • Willingness to learn and grow

  2. I am a male, am I eligible to apply?

    Yes. Odetta's mission is to support Women’s Empowerment. All applicants will be evaluated based on their commitment to Odetta’s mission, regardless of their perceived gender identity. Odetta is an equal opportunity employer.

  3. I live outside the Middle East and South Asia, can I still apply?

    Yes. Although we currently only operate in the Middle East and South Asia, we still encourage you to apply, and we will send the relevant notifications when we open in your country.

  4. Do you hire non-Data Analysts/Scientists?

    Yes, we have members with a wide variety of backgrounds and skills on our team.

  5. What is your recruitment process?

    In order to apply to Odetta, you have to fill in the form available on our Apply page, complete the tests received by email and submit your scores. We’ll evaluate your results, and if you qualify we will invite you for virtual interviews before the final hiring decision.

  6. What kind of tests do you conduct?

    We have a number of tests to evaluate different skills such as English Language tests, Analytics tests, Typing tests, etc.

  7. I am a homemaker with no experience/ I am a fresh graduate from a University. Can I apply? What would be your selection criteria?

    Yes, you can apply. We evaluate candidates on the basis of their communication skills, motivation and the potential to learn and grow.

  8. I am a current student working towards my Bachelor’s Degree, can I apply?

    Ideally, we hire degree holders. But you can still apply and we can look into your application to see if it fits our needs.

  9. Do you hire candidates on a contract basis?

    Yes, You will be a contractor/freelancer/consultant to Odetta, typical of online job platforms. Before applying, please read the details on our Apply and Careers page.

  10. I submitted my test but never heard again. When will I get the results?

    Once you submit the tests, you should hear from us within 1-2 weeks. If not, please feel free to Contact us,  we will look into it.

  11. I was interviewed last week when will I get the final answer?

    Typically, we provide an answer within 2-4 weeks of the final interview. Hiring and on-boarding can be delayed slightly based on the needs of our clients.

  12. I have applied to Odetta but never heard back. Where I can write to you?

    We do our best to write everyone back. If you feel we have not properly responded, please Contact us. Note that we get numerous responses every day and we cannot provide constant updates on every application.