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Data Collection

Our teams can quickly and accurately manage data-intensive projects by helping construct accurate and extensive datasets based upon your request. Odettians are equipped to work with and develop existing datasets, as well as generate new ones.

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Data Preparation

Cleaning and transforming large amounts of data into organized and manageable data sets. Our team of analysts will systematically search and deliver a complete, clean and annotated data meeting your personalized key criteria.

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Data Sciences & Analytics

We can quickly and accurately manage data-intensive projects; helping to derive insight and meaning through the application of our intelligent workforce, research capabilities, AI and machine learning. Our distributed team of analysts can easily scale to meet any project, while always ensuring the highest level of quality control.


Our diverse team of Odettians are able to provide additional services based upon our unique skill sets and your project interests. If you are interested in working with Odetta, but unsure of your project’s relevance please reach out!