Applications Everyone Should Have in Their Mobile


With the ever-increasing use of smartphones, app developers are continuously releasing new apps. Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store each boast over 2 million available apps. Rather than using a PC for one’s computing needs, users can now download apps enabling them to do everything on a mobile phone. The use of applications can be seen in areas such as communication, education, social media, business, and banking, to name a few. Applications tend to be more mobile and user-friendly in comparison to mobile websites, thus improving user experience.

To help you shortlist which apps you should download, here are our recommended must-have apps in no particular order. 


Kickstarter Social

If you have a great idea which needs funding, or if you’re looking for a project to invest in, Kickstarter can help you. Kickstarter is an app for creators and backers to come together to make new ideas a reality. Using the Kickstarter app, one can financially back projects, stay up-to-date on project status and share projects with friends. Project creators can also keep track of funding and stay in touch with backers.

Users: Entrepreneurs, Project Creators, Funders

Download: Android, iOS


Be My Eyes Community

Do you like helping people? Does this make you happy? Then Be My Eyes is the right application for you. It will help you to do community work from home. BME allows you to help blind and low vision people from home. When a handicapped person requests help, the application sends a notification to all available users. The volunteer then becomes the sight of a handicapped person using an audio-video connection. The app also allows for direct connection to companies via the Specialized Help section. You can sign up as a volunteer and help physically challenged individuals in your community or a user.

Users: Low-vision/Blind People, Volunteers

Download: Android, iOS


Regrann/Regrammer Social

A must-use app for regular Instagram users, Regrann (Android) and Regrammer (iOS)  allow users to repost Instagram posts by other users to their own profiles, linking back to the original posters. They allow Instagram pictures and videos to be shared from one’s own account without a watermark or a limit on the number of posts. It also allows for the scheduling of posts and posting your feed or stories.

Users: Instagrammers, Social Media Bloggers/Influencers

Download: Regrann, Regrammer


CamScanner Scanning

For on-the-go users with urgent document digitizing and editing needs, Camscanner is the go-to app. It is the leading document scanning and editing app which lets you digitize documents on the go and without external hardware. It also allows you to store, sync and share documents across different devices as PDF or image files. It also has built-in cropping and enhancing features, ensuring your documents are always clear and legible. Documents scanned by Camscanner look no different from traditionally scanned documents.

Users: Individuals, Companies

Download: Android, iOS


Splitwise Personal Finance

Can’t keep track of who you owe or who owes you? Splitwise is a personal finance app which helps to keep track of IOUs and expenses within a group. Splitwise can be used to split bills, keep a running tally or budget for a group trip, and helps make sure everyone gets paid back by keeping track. Groups can even be made with different currencies for when you’re travelling with friends. Splitwise can also be used to keep track of your own personal finances, identifying personal spending trends.

Users: University Students, Traveling Groups

Download: Android, iOS


Curiosity Education

For users with an innate inner curiosity and a desire to know more about the world around them, the Curiosity app is a must-have. Curiosity is an online learning app which keeps you informed on all kinds of interesting content. You can follow different categories for suggestions or browse a feed for short, interesting articles which catch your attention. Curiosity adds to your day by making you more educated about the world around you.

Users: Individuals curious about the world around them

Download: Android, iOS


Google Duo Social

Do you have friends and family all over the world that you struggle to keep in touch with? Duo is a high-quality voice and video calling app with a simple and reliable interface which can help. It allows you to make calls, check who is calling with a video preview before answering and leave video messages. It is also one of the few voices and video calling apps which works in the Middle East (i.e. Dubai, UAE, and Oman) where most internet calling platforms are blocked.

Users: Individuals around the world, Particularly the Middle East

Download: Android, iOS


Calm Health

In today’s world which is constantly moving, people can feel overwhelmed with stress or anxiety. Calm is a meditation and relaxation app which can help reduce stress, anxiety, improve mindfulness and gratitude. Calm has guided meditation sessions depending on your particular goal(such as better sleep, reduced anxiety or stress, increased gratitude)  and the amount of time you have available. Calm also has sleep stories and music designed to help you sleep better.

Users: Mediators, Individuals with low-level stress or anxiety

Download: Android, iOS


Duolingo Education

Do you want to upskill by learning a new language? Use Duolingo, a language learning app, lets you pick from over 20 languages to learn. You can practice speaking, listening, reading and writing to improve your vocabulary and grammar skills. With badges to track progress, 34 hours of Duolingo are considered to be equivalent to a semester of university-level education.

Users: Students, young professionals

Download: Android, iOS


Peak Education

New studies propose that the brain is a muscle like any other, requiring continuous training to keep it operating at its best. Peak is a fun brain training app. Various puzzles, memory challenges, languages, and critical thinking problems help you keep your mind active. With new brain exercises developed by neuroscientists added daily, you are continuously challenged and can keep track of your progress and compete with friends.

Users: Individuals

Download: Android, iOS

Tayyaba Qamar