The Future of Work

The future of work


Our Mission


Odetta is building the highest quality-for-value on-demand labor solution by becoming the work platform of choice for women in the Middle East and South Asia.




Data Collection for LeadGen

Data Sciences and Annotation

Data Services for Recruiting

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I love how dynamic and empowering Odetta is. The positive energy that I'm experiencing here is nothing like anywhere else. Flexible work is both productive and smart and I'm learning new skills here. Working here has evolved my analytical abilities and helped me gain confidence in myself!

Hafsa Naeem (Lahore, Pakistan)


For those women who seek a healthy work-life balance, Odetta is the right place for you. You will be working on challenging projects with an intelligent team, in a pleasant environment.

Ayshe Abdulhafeth (Qalqilyah, Palestine)


As a DataHolic, Odetta gave me an amazing opportunity, and they are spreading their effort to reach out to women who want to feel empowered. I feel really lucky to be part of this amazing team and I'm so glad that I am mastering my skills with data!

Marwa AbuQrian (Irbid, Jordan)


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