How Odetta is Different From Freelancing Platforms

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Odetta is a future of work startup more than an online freelancing platform. It is located in the city of San Francisco, California, powered primarily by women in the Middle East and South Asia. In 2018, Katharine Wolf, the CEO and Founder, started Odetta Inc with the mission of redesigning the virtual workplace. Odetta is a growing global platform that provides Data Sciences related services for top US-based companies.  Odetta is able to attract such high-quality talent to its platform by offering a unique work environment centered around flexibility, community, career, and applied to learn.

I started Odetta with two simple goals in mind: to build a better work platform for ambitious women in MESA regions and to build an iconic technology company that solves for the technical talent shortage for global firms.
— Katharine Wolf, Founder & CEO

Welcoming to top talent

Unlike traditional remote jobs or freelancing platforms which are unfriendly to newcomers, Odetta gives newcomers a platform to create their portfolio, polish their skills and grow professionally.

Odetta can be a life-changing experience. It is an amazing platform to show the skills that you have.
— Rabbiya Hanif, Data Analyst, Pakistan


Odetta Virtual Meetup — May 2019  Image Courtesy: Odetta Inc.

Odetta Virtual Meetup — May 2019

Image Courtesy: Odetta Inc.

Odetta’s community consists of a varied workforce that includes students, 9-5 workers, and homemakers, all looking for the flexible income which can be   from a freelancing platform. Along with being a platform for work, Odetta is also a community. With teams made for each task, new inductees can interact with more experienced freelancers and get advice on the task.

For me, Odetta brings the charm of team working. It’s not easy to work alone. With Odetta, one doesn’t have to go through the bidding process. One gets selected as per their skills and the previous work. Odetta is truly a peace of mind for me!
— Shumaila Ali, Quality Control-in-Training, Pakistan
I really appreciate Odetta, I have more freedom and work-life balance
— Ayshe Abdulhafeth, Data Statistician, Palestine
I observed how the monotonous work and rigid roles in company dulled my enthusiasm and creativity. Odetta has given me the flexibility of timings, varying nature of work, uplifting environment and a multicultural community. It has dissolved the term ‘corporate slave’ for me, and that’s saying a lot!
— Minha Noor, Lead Gen, Pakistan


Odetta allows for internal growth by giving new freelancers a chance to prove themselves and become team leads and quality controllers.

When I first joined Odetta, I could never imagine that few months down the line I’d be a team lead in training. I’ve previously worked with another freelance startup but Odetta gives better compensation, learning opportunities and environment.
— Aimen Tahir, Team Lead, Pakistan

It also saves freelancers from long unsuccessful bidding processes discussions with clients and tension free payment processes. While most freelancing platforms allow freelancers to bid directly for projects and clients, Odetta operates by getting tasks from clients which are then distributed to freelancers based on their proven skill set and experience.

I had my experience with the most well-known freelancer platform where they were not accepting new profiles. It was very hard to get any work being unproven as everyone out there was looking for experienced professionals
— Ekta Saraogi, Data Analyst, India
There is no consistent work on the large freelancing platform. You need to keep applying to every job and the client picks the candidates as per their preference. At Odetta, we don’t have to explain our skills and qualifications for every job and those who match the requirements are assigned the task
— Tahshina Mohsin, Data Analyst, Pakistan

Unique Access to High-quality Talent

Odetta taps into a high-quality workforce and is able to attract the best of the best from MESA’s regions top universities and masters programs. In fact, Odetta is currently hiring as many data scientists as possible from the top programs. Odetta’s recruitment is currently focused on Data Scientists, Statisticians, Engineers, and MBAs, and Odetta looks for candidates with sharp minds, the ability to take initiative and self-learn, and a creative and optimistic approach to life and work. With a rigorous induction program which tests the applicants’ skills and abilities, Odetta has become a beacon for quality to its clients. In a market where all of the top companies are bidding for data scientists in the Bay Area, Odetta can offer services that are in high demand at unparalleled rates.  

I am very happy with Odetta’s data team and found them to be very client-focused. The work they did has helped us really move forward on understanding the underlying data we’ve been working with and beginning the process of improving our services
— Douglas Coulter, Data Lead, Fluxx

Odetta’s unique model for freelancing is the future of online work. With a single ‘one stop solution’ for all the client’s needs, it will be interesting to see where conventional freelancing platforms end up with the current demand for fast high-quality work.

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